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Going Green

Task 1. In the first and second videos distinguished scholars are talking about carbon emissions which are caused by burning fossil fuels. They say that it is very harmful to the environment and can even cause an environmental catastrophe. In addition, this is causing irreversible climate change and the temperatures soar above the average. It is a daunting task to find the right solution of this problem. However, they have some ideas. We can reduce our carbon footprint, by using alternative energy sources, such as wind or solar power. So, it is nice idea to build wind farms, especially offshore wind farms are becoming more and more popular. Consequently, using the renewable energy we can prevent the global warming.

Scientists have made a sustainable development, creating different new technologies of energy conservation. However, a lot of people are not using them because they don't want or don't know how. So, we should be more environmentally aware and conserve energy, for example  using energy-saving eco light bulbs, rechargeable batteries and water-saving technologies. Don't forget that nature is, also your Mother!!!

Task 2. There are a lot of environmental problems in our country, so it is absolutely vital to find long-term solutions. We are launching an environmental campaign, which is called “Green World Pro”. This program will introduce green taxes. This means that the taxes are going to be paid by consumers for products and services that are not environmentally friendly. I think it is also advisable for people to be responsible for the disposal of their own household waste. In fact, this is a big problem in L'viv now.

What is more, we are going to ban pouching in our country, we won't keep animals in captivity. In addition, we are going to create a wildlife reserve for endangered species. It is important to save animals that are on the verge of extinction, because they can die out.

Moreover, we are going to exhort companies to use biodegradable packaging, in order to reduce the amounts of waste. We are also going to encourage people to recycle waste and not dumping it. Because public health it is also an important issue. And by the 2030, we won't have all this environmental problems.

So if you want to make the world a better place, join us on: www.greenworldpro2030.com

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On the move

The dark side of tourism: What does it cause?
Nowadays more and more people are interested in dark tourism, because it is something new and you can visit some remote areas. But has it a negative impact on economy and community? As for me, such kind of dream holidays can turn out to be very disappointing. Why? Let's find out.

To start with, if the place becomes tourist attraction (even if it is a place for dark tourism) it takes a lot of time and money to maintain it, especially if it is in the open air. As a result, it can make a change in country's economy, which can lead to the downturn in the economy.

What is more, as it happens getting around such kind of places can cause culture shock and abuse the local community. It may be a stereotype, but it really violates ethical norms. Because usually such kind of places with remarkably diverse architecture, are disastrous. So when, you are visiting them you are showing disrespect to people. For you it is a place of entertainment and they could have lost their nearest and dearest there.

Nevertheless, some people quite like such kinds of round or day trips. So, you just can't steal their passport, and prevent them from setting off. In fact, they are bringing income the country they are visiting.

To sum up, I can't stand dark tourism because it disrespectful to other people. But if you are passionate about it and you really enjoy it, there is nothing else you can do than just visit that place.

Here is an example of person who is passionate about such kind of places:

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A sport event in Ostroh Academy:
Was it so great?

The story breaks that there was a recreation related to sports in Ostroh Academy. It has attracted a lot of attention of students. Some of them were highly critical of this event because it took their precious time and they are just made go there. But after making an opinion poll, we found out that most of them had enjoyed this event and they could even celebrate their sport achievements. Moreover, a lot of students took part in this recreation, some of them were singing, some were doing sports and some were receiving nominations for different achievements. What is more, the anchors of this event were two students, who were leading a turn of events.

It is time for an exclusive interview with one of the participants. Her name is Yulia Sukhodolska and we are going to talk this event up.

Interviewer: Yulia, reveal us the truth, if it was difficult to get ready to such kind of sport event?
Yulia: In fact, it wasn’t so difficult as it seemed at first. I have realized my ambitions of doing sports.
I.:Oh, that's great! You are really in a good shape! So, please don’t cover up how do you keep fit?
Y.: Rumour has it that I have a good metabolism, but let me reveal a secret, I just have to work hard in the gym. I am playing basketball, as well.
I.:Could you tell us how it is to win a lot of praise for your sports achievements?
Y.: Well, it had a significant impact on my life, for example I feel a lot more confident after this. It is great to enjoy success, it brings you a lot of positive emotions.
I.: And the last question. How have you detected that you are a sporty person?
Y.: I will state this clearly, we just had to visit physical education classes and then I understood that it is my cup of tea.

Here is a news broadcast about this event:

Here are some photos from this event:
Our strong boys

Go girls go!!!!

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Her Story

Her Story

History is full of remarkable achievements and has a huge effect on our lives. One of the most important historic personalities is Emily Davison, who has made a useful contribution for women all around the world. She fought for her rights and she knew that she would face the consequences.  She was a suffragette who fought for women's suffrage in the United Kingdom in the early twentieth century. In her most famous moment of protest, Davison stepped in front of King George V's horse Anmer at the Epsom Derby on 4th June 1913 and suffered injuries that proved fatal four days later. It caused a sensation in the world and in the UK.  Like other acts of suffragette militancy, Davison's actions divided public opinion. Some admired her courage and dedication to an important cause, while others decried the disruption of sport, the injury to jockey Herbert Jones, and the slight to the King.

I have chosen this personality, because she was a strong woman, who held a lot of demonstrations. She sacrificed her life for women’s privileges, and I appreciate it a lot. In addition, the vast majority didn’t understand her peace actions, so she was a prisoner several times. She was unwilling to compromise, because she knew that sooner or later she will achieve her goal. I respect her because made a dramatic improvement in women’s lives.

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Money doesn’t grow on trees” we are taught this from childhood, but not all of us are money spinners. A lot of people nowadays have to tighten their belts and have to live on a shoestring. Actually it happens because some people spend money like water, they are squandering money on different useless things. So, we should be taught to be thrifty and it is nicely shown in game “SPENT”. It shows that it is very difficult to live when money is tight; sometimes you need to make cutbacks. Also, it is advisable to keep track of your outgoings. As a result, this game will change your attitude to money and you will be careful about your spending.

Fakebook account: Gemma Styles

Is It Possible To Eat Healthy On A Budget?

Is It Possible To Eat Healthy On A Budget?
By Diana Abashyia

Nowadays people have forgotten about healthy eating habits because they think that it is very expensive. But let me dispel a myth that organic food is not so pricey. Usually fresh produced food is reasonably priced, so almost everyone can afford it. People should remember that it is not very good to be dying of hunger because you think that something is too costly. Your health is the most important thing in your life that you should maintain in a good condition and you can do it by a well-balanced diet. So, to maintain a healthy weight your diet should include: proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, calcium and fibre. It is advisable to cut down on sweets, which are actually one of the most lavish products and they are really high in calories, which is unacceptable when you are going on a diet. In fact, you can go without a lot of unhealthy products with which you are filling yourself up every day. It will save your budget greatly. Try to include in your ration mostly home-cooked food and avoid having quick snacks. Remember that eating healthy is not so difficult as it seems, you only need to want to do it.

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Have you ever dreamt about applying for a permanent job at Microsoft Corporation? So, now you have an opportunity to attend an interview. Just in case you don’t know Microsoft is an American multinational technology company that develops, manufactures, licences, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services. Our aim is to develop our company to be a worldwide one, so we are sure that you are ready to carry out this work. We don’t have any rules or schedules; the main requirement is to be able to meet tight deadlines. Our motto is “a brilliant career is a hard work”.

Working conditions. You can supervise your work at home or at office, you can work two or five days a week it doesn’t matter, the main thing is to do it on time. So you can work flexitime. Our work is really up-and-coming and has a good salary (10,000$ per week). You will have career prospects and a lot of different perks, such as insurance, you are entitled to have a sick pay, you can have days off and you can get a promotion.

Available vacancies: programmer and engineer. Both jobs require working close with the computers and be good with figures. Anyway you will be able to climb the career ladder.

The main qualities you should possess are:
  • ·         work well in a team,
  • ·         have an eye for detail,
  • ·         be good at using your own initiative,
  • ·         master new skills and
  • ·         keep calm under pressure.

Have a look at the review of one of our employee: “It is really a rewarding job. You can be rushed off your feet and snowed under, but you will come up with the solution. You are always on the go and it’s the main advantage of this job. And my boss often butters me up what makes this job out of this world”.

So, if you are opened to offers, put together your CV and we are waiting for you!!!!