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1.       The future of learning is unbelievable if a leading authority in this field will influence on its development. The education in British Empire was called as “autocratic administrative machine.” It is common knowledge that schools wanted to make people identical, which is not very good because people should express their individuality. The main aim of schools was to teach us beautiful handwriting and to read, however if you want to be a straight A student it is not enough. In fact, students nowadays have a lot of opportunities to study. So, if they are really eager beavers, they will achieve full marks in the tests.
2.       Nowadays there is a problem in America that 80% of students are dropping out of high school. Some students don’t enjoy learning or don’t get any benefits from it and some of them are falling behind. And some of them are playing truant. It is because all students are different and diverse, and they need different approaches to keep up with the material and to be quick learners. For instance, maths is necessary, but it is not sufficient. In fact, all subjects should be learned equally during the term, as well as PE. The education should develop curiosity in students, because it is an engine of achievement. And students should demonstrate an ability to do something. Most of the countries give a lot of money for the education because they know that it is a great investment.
3.       Talking about modern education it has some drawbacks. There are less diligent students because they are not interested in what they are studying. They don’t have their noses in the books. So, I take the view that it would be great to leave only the core subjects that are related to the main interest of the student. Education should make students have a thirst for knowledge.  I honestly think that at first students should know their ABC’s and only after that the can enrol on the courses that are not related to their profession.

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Appearance, Character, Ralationships

Jane is a really slim woman and she has a slender waist. She has an oval face, lovely complexion and a straight nose. In fact, she has a striking appearance and she attracts a lot of attention because of it. On the surface you can notice that she is intelligent and a little sly, she always gets what she wants. She may seem to be rather a cold fish, but she just suppresses her feelings.  Talking about her fiancé, he was attracted to her by her striking appearance. John is a well-built man, who has chubby cheeks and has a crew-cut. He is really reliable and determined person, but sometimes he is stubborn. So, it is difficult for him to come to terms with opinions of other people. But, he is desperately in love with Jane, so he makes an exception for her. They love each other unconditionally, and go over different problems together.

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Feelings, emotions and body language

Body language is various in different countries. In fact, we use it every day sometimes even not realizing it. The body language can tell a lot about person and his or her attitude to you. So, it great to know the meaning of different gestures. My room-mate is very emotional person, so I can observe different gestures and emotions almost every minute, her mood is really changeable. By the way, it is quite thrilling to look at the way she reacts in different situations.
To my mind, to show your emotions you need to have a special talent, because I sometimes find it difficult. As a result, I do like people who show them without hesitation. However, sometimes it can be too much and drives you crazy.
On the pictures you can see a lot of different emotions and body language:

I would like to share with you my favourite music video. It is connected with one of my favourite series “Sherlock”. But, it is unique because the music from this series is played on urkrainian musical instruments: bandura and button accordion. It is very thrilling to listen this music; it brings me a lot of positive emotions. This video also inspires me a lot because it shows that everything is possible. Every time when I turn this video on it makes me smile from ear to ear.

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The importance of being familiar with languages like Latin and Greek for language learning

Nowadays a huge number of language learners are thinking about the significance of learning Latin and Greek while learning a foreign language. How exactly can it be helpful and useful? Let’s have a look at reasons frequently offered for why learning Latin and Greek is a good idea.

The first important reason is the origin of Western concepts. Greek and Latin are the languages in which probably most of the concepts widely used in the Western intellectual tradition were generated. The second reason is that it is the language of the first works in history, philosophy. Greek and Latin were the languages in which the very first examples of Western philosophy, history, biography, and mythology were written. The most important reason actually is that it teaches the roots of English vocabulary. 60% of English words have Greek or Latin roots. For instance, volunteer benefits, conduct, graphic, microscope, credit, theology, pseudonym, metrical. And finally, it helps to be a multi-cultural person. It can help you to understand other multi-ethnic cultures.
 The text I have chosen is called "History Lessons" (Unit 7).
Study atmosphere
The table of my words

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Online tools and resources for vocabulary building

Dear Jess,
How are you? How are your expanding vocabulary methods going on? Today I want to tell you about a wide range of learning opportunities that have now become available with online tools and resources.  I know that it hard to believe that something like this is possible, but I want you to be aware of such tools. I hope that some of them will be relevant for you.

Firstly, I want to pay your attention on Fraze.it resource, it one of the best tools to find the words in the context. It includes a lot different sentences from different sources, and it helps you to understand accurately how the word in the sentence is used.  The next useful tool is Synonym Finder. It is obvious from its name that it is something related to looking synonyms up. Actually, this tool helps you to omit the usage of the same words all the time. Moving on to revision, a good source is Quizlet. For instance, you can create your own set of flashcards or select the one that already exists.

Secondly, there are a lot of online dictionaries, for example one of the most useful is Lingro, because it provides a definition to any word on the website on which you click. And finally, to make the most of building up your vocabulary, a brilliant tool is Rewordify. In detail, it helps you to simplify English and to make you understand difficult texts.

I hope that my pieces of advice were useful and you will give some of them a try in the future. It is also possible to make alternative things without the Internet, which can also be very helpful. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
                                                                                                  Best wishes,

My Quizlet set

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Using dictionaries effectively
As a language learner you should devote a lot of time to do your best to enrich your vocabulary. But, sometimes people are confused how to do it effectively. So, now we will talk in detail about how to build your vocabulary getting a hang of different dictionaries. You may think that using a paper dictionary is old-fashioned, but if you want to make an improvement you should take it seriously.

The first thing, you should do is to know your dictionary like the back of your hand. You should know if your dictionary is prescriptive or descriptive. If English is your second language it would be beneficial for you to use descriptive dictionary to expand your vocabulary and your understanding of new words. Also, it is significant to know the accurate pronunciation of the words, so you should know which kind of transcribing is used in your dictionary to pronounce the word appropriately.

What is more, you should be aware of what part of speech the word is and how it can be transformed into other parts of speech.  Don’t forget to concentrate on collocations because they are not less important than other information included in your dictionary. So, if you want to make progress it is obvious that you should work with words all the time. For instance, you heard some new word, write it down and then when you are at home look it up in a dictionary. And sooner or later you will be a proficient user of paper dictionaries. Just remember that there are different dictionaries for different people, so it is up to you which one to choose.

1)  tomorrow -on or during the day after today

2) relevant - directly relating to the subject or problem being discussed or considered
 Relevant documents were presented in court.   
basque - a piece of underwear for a woman that covers her body from under her arms to the top of her legs
A gold basque worn by Madonna was sold for £9,000.
concerning -about or relating to
Calls from young children concerning lost pets.
cripple - old-fashioned to hurt someone badly so that they cannot walk properly
She was crippled in a car accident.

3)glam-ma  -A glamorous grandmother, esp. one who is relatively young or fashion-conscious. Also used as a form of address.
YouTuber - A frequent user of the video-sharing website YouTube, especially someone who produces and appears in videos on the site.
upˈstander - One of two upright posts on a sledge